Dragonfly Art Gallery

We have our unparalleled collection of Arts, Sculptors, Artifacts which mesmerizes your and revokes the hidden artist in you.

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Some of Our Artist and their Work Displayed at Dragonfly Hotel

Shweta Jaju
- A Mixed Media Artist from Kolkata specialises in pen and ink art works, acrylic, pastels and resin art with subjects from traditional and contemporary. She has been a working professional having over a decade of experience in advertising, branding across leading creative agencies and heading communications of a solar energy company. As an artist she has the right media mix, which help brighten a dull place and add thought and colour to the ambience. Her aim is to give vibrancy to the surroundings through her diverse works.

Buddha Painting

Title - Meditating the peace within
Size – 14 *18 inches
Subject - A search for inner peace, purity and enlightenment. Peacefully introspecting what is within and exploring the vast potential of self.
Medium - Pen and ink with shading, depicting the finest emotions.
Pricing – On Request

Lotus Painting

Title – Purely Us
Size - 12 * 12 inches
Subject – The bond of each element, the 2 golden fish, various lotus, weaving in the entire scene a beautiful tinge of Natural alignment of moving together in the natural glory.
Medium – Acrylic on Canvas
Pricing – On Request

Cow Series

Title - Krishna and his love for calves
Size – 36 * 24 inches
Subject – Krishna enjoying the playful bonding with the calves. Behind is thick beauty of nature.
Medium – Acrylic on Canvas
Pricing - On Request

Sarveaha Nirgun

"Making yourself amaranthine in these World where human race has grasped our mind and our soul is wandering to find the real us,is where art gives us our brain and soul rest together".
As a beginner artist I am trying to create life on canvases through my mistakes and learning new skills and different types of art style.I am a canvas artist based in Mumbai started my artworks by creating animal portraits and abstract paintings in oil mediums.I try to express my emotions and create my artwork with consistency of brain and heart.And I think in the end once you create,learn,and get to know art you are never left in dark.
My very first art pieces "Dog Abstract" and "Tiger Face" was beginning of my creation.I started creating canvas art from 2018 where my journey begin as a self-taught artist with two astonishing artworks.