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We have an unparalleled collection of art, sculptures, and artifacts that will mesmerize and to evoke the hidden artist in you.

Check out the lovely collection of paintings, murals, and artifacts at Dragonfly Art Gallery in Andheri East Mumbai.

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Some of our artists and their work displayed at Dragonfly Hotels in Andheri East -

Shweta Jaju

Shweta Jaju is a mixed media artist from Kolkata who specialises in pen and ink, acrylic, pastel and resin art with traditional and contemporary subjects. She is a working professional, with over a decade of experience in advertising and branding across leading creative agencies, and heading communications of a solar energy company. As an artist, she has the right media mix, which helps brighten up a dull place and add thought and colour to the ambience. Her aim is to lend vibrancy to the surroundings through her diverse work.

Title - Meditating the peace within
Size - 14*18 inches
Subject - A search for inner peace, purity and enlightenment. Peacefully introspecting what is within and exploring the vast potential of self.
Medium - Pen and ink with shading, depicting the finest emotions.
Pricing - On request

Lotus Painting -

Title - Purely Us
Size - 12 * 12 inches
Subject - The bond of each element, the 2 golden fishes, various lotuses, weaving in the entire scene a beautiful tinge of natural alignment of moving together in the natural glory.
Medium - Acrylic on canvas
Pricing - On request

Cow Series -

Title - Krishna and his love for calves
Size - 36 * 24 inches
Subject - Krishna enjoying the playful bonding with the calves. Behind is the thick beauty of nature.
Medium - Acrylic on canvas
Pricing - On request

Sarveaha Nirgun

"Making yourself amaranthine in this world where the human race has grasped our mind and our soul is wandering to find the real us, is where art gives us our brain and soul rest together".
As a beginner artist he is trying to create life on the canvas, through mistakes and by adopting new skills and different types of art styles. He is a canvas artist based in Mumbai, who started by creating animal portraits and abstract paintings in the oil medium. He expresses his emotions to create artwork consistent with the brain and heart. He believes that once you create, learn, and get to know art, one is never left in the dark.
His first art pieces "Dog Abstract" and "Tiger Face" were the beginning of his artistic journey. He has been creating canvas art since 2018 as a self-taught artist with two astonishing artworks.

Ajay T Meshram

Ajay T Meshram has won quite a number of awards and has conducted various exhibitions.

Awards -

*1st award For Best Portfolio Work of the Year - (2005, 2006, 2007)
*1st "Kalayatri" award & Best Portfolio Work of the Year L.S. Raheja School of Arts - (2007)
*1st award for Best Composition of the Year - (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)
(L.S. Raheja school of art, Bandra Mumbai)
*Award for All India Lokmanya Tilak art exhibition Pune (2009, 2010, 2011)
*50th Maharashtra award for painting competition, Pune (2010)
*1st award for Professional Category at Art Society of India

Exhibition -

*Veh Art Gallery (Monsoon Show), Mumbai (2007)
*Pradakshak Art Gallery (Monsoon Show) Mumbai (2007)
*South centre zone, Nagpur (2007)
*Bombay Art Society, Mumbai (2008)
*Art Society of India, Mumbai (2008)
*Pradakshak Art Gallery (Monsoon Show) Mumbai (2008)
*Veh Art Gallery (Monsoon Show), Mumbai (2008)
*Art and Artefact Gallery, Worli, Mumbai (2009)
*State Art Exhibition, Mumbai (2009)
*Chatak monsoon show, Nehru centre, Mumbai (2009)
*Bombay Art Society, Mumbai (2009)
*Art Society of India, Mumbai (2009)
*Pradakshak Art Gallery (Monsoon Show) Mumbai (2009)
*Veh Art Gallery (Monsoon Show) Mumbai (2009)
*State Art Exhibition, Mumbai (2010)
*Chatak monsoon show Nehru centre, Mumbai (2010)
*Bombay Art Society, Mumbai (2010)
*Art Society of India, Mumbai (2010)
*Pradakshak Art Gallery (Monsoon Show) Mumbai (2010)
*Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai (Monsoon Show -2011)
*Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai (Monsoon Show – 2011)
*Group show “Empowerment Panorama of India” at DUBAI (2012)
*Group show “Diviniti” Aks Art Gallery, Mumbai (2012)
*Chatak monsoon show Nehru centre, MUMBAI (2012)
*Group show “J.S.Art Gallery” (2012)
*Group show - “Colours of Divine Expression” (2013)
*Group show in Indonesia - (2013)
*Group show “J.S.Art Gallery” (2013)
*Colour of Spring - 1” in coomarswami hall, Mumbai (2014)
*De Art Event, UAE, Dubai (2014)
*Colour of Spring - 2 in Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai (2014)
*The Divine Craftsman Gallery-7, Mumbai (2014)
*CURENTA in The Gallery of Light, DUCTAC, Dubai (2014)
*Colour of Spring - 3 in Art Gate Gallery, Mumbai (2015)
*Art Beyond Borders, DUCTAC, Dubai (2016)
*The Spectrum of Colour in Jehangir Art Gallery (2016)
*Spandhan group show in Nehru Centre Art Gallery (2016)
*Bombay Art Society Art Gallery, Bandra (2017)
*Mumbai University Art Gallery, Kalina, Mumbai (2017)
*Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder, Gallery Art Tantra, Santacruz, Mumbai
*Art vista, group show at S1 gallery, Thane Mumbai (2019)
*Stat Art Exhibition at Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai (2019)
*Bombay Art Society, at Jahangir Art Gallery, (2019)
*PIBA group show at Mumbai University (2019)

Solo Show -

*D.D. Neroy Art Gallery, Mumbai (2011)
*“Indian Art Collectors” (2012)
*Pradakshak Art Gallery Mumbai (2013)
*Art Phoenix Festival, Nehru Centre, Mumbai (2013)

Camp -

*'Roop Adhay' Sangali Camp (2007)
*'Mudra Kala Niketan' Ganpatipude Camp (2007)
*Buddha Art Camp, Nagpur (2017)
*3 days Art Heart Art Camp at Chinmaya Vibhooti (2018)
*4 days Art Camp at Time Sanskruti Art Festival, Thane (2019)

Shashikant V. Charbe

Registered artist from -

1) Government of India, Development of Handicraft, Ministry of Textile (DCH)
2) (MSSID) Maharashtra State Small Scale Industry.

Participation -

2005 Art & Craft Festival (SCZCC) South Central Zone Cultural Center, Nagpur
2005 Taj International Festival (Agra)
2005 Jhansi Art & Craft Festival
2006 Delhi Art Fair & Craft Exhibition
2006 Hyderabad, Gandhi Shilp Mela
2006 - 10 Nagpur, Orange City Art & Craft Festival
2010 - 12 Mumbai, Gandhi Shilp Mela
2010 Bhopal Art & Craft Face
2010 Amravati Gandhi Shilp Mela (Sponsored by DCH Govt, of India)
2012 Navi Mumbai Art Festival
2018 India Art Festival (Nehru Center Mumbai)
2018 India Art Festival (New Delhi)

Group shows -

2013 - 19 Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai
2014 Jehangir Art Gallery (Kalaghoda) Mumbai
2014 - 15 PL Deshpande Art Gallery Dadar
2014 Kohinoor Continental Hotel (Andheri)
2014 Lalit Kala Academy (Delhi)
2014 (Dubai)
2015 Bajaj Art Gallery
2015 - 18 Nehru Center
2016 Bombay Art Society Building (Bandra Mumbai)

Solo show -

2014 Hotel Leela (Art Gallery)
2018 Oberio Trident Art Walk Gallery

Workshops and live demonstrations -

2005 Camp Pullgaon (Nagpur Maharashtra)
2005 Rishikesh in Tourist Campus
2005 Amravati Art & Craft Fair (Maharashtra)
2011 Navi Mumbai Art Festival
2008 Nagpur Gandhi Shilp Mela
2010 Urban Hatt, Navi Mumbai
2005 Taj International Art & Craft Festival

Dinesh Ram Kumar Agarwal

Born in 1971 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Dinesh Ram Kumar Agarwal is a self made artist. Since childhood he was always fascinated by ancient Indian heritage, which motivated him to start working on his unique collection of life-sized paintings titled "Antiques on Canvas". He also enjoys painting realistic landscapes, semi figuratives, portraits, etc. in oil, acrylic or water based colors based on his mood. His focus is on minute detailing, which gives him eternal satisfaction and joy. He was also lucky enough to associate with a few world renowned artists and got a chance to learn more about art.
He is a lifetime member of "Artist Centre" and has also registered as an artisan with the government of India. He is a researcher in arts, ayurveda, spirituality, and meditation.

Some Works Displayed -

Title - “Tree”
Dimensions - 19.5” x 18”
Medium - Oil on canvas
Rate - On request

Title - “Joy in the Woods”
Dimensions - 43” x 28”
Medium - Oil on canvas
Rate - On request

Title - “Incredible Universe”
Dimensions - 46” x 30”
Medium - Oil on canvas
Rate - On request

And some more....