Paying tribute to the Dragonfly, Our Dragonfly - The Art Hotel, Mumbai Airport is designed to exude contemporary yet bold accents with inspiration from visual features of Dragonfly with a play on natural elements in enhancing guests’ experiences. Be delighted in a sensory experience of art and dramatic pops of colour through the vivid imagination of Dragonfly as you journey through the hotel. A punctuated structure with an abstract composition of classic trapezoidal openings, inspired from the wings of Dragonfly.

All guest rooms are North Facing to Combat the effect if Sun, the structure speak amongst yourselves. A three dimensional wooden mesh, with abstract goementry grid welcomes you as you step into the hotel and stand under the unique and impressively ceiling.

A Seemingly floating in space across one elegant hand painted texture. The effect is that of a delicate yet lively stratum: a fleeting sliver of a memory of a geological form or musical phrase.

A must look out for the unique dragonfly experience. At Dragonfly, Experience the Art Walk and the themed interiors, paying tribute to the Dragonfly

Facade at Dragonfly  Andheri East Hotels 227