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Pocket-friendly Destination for Backpacking in Mumbai

Who wouldn’t love backpacking through the various streets of Mumbai? Of course you would love it. And who better than Dragonfly Hotel & Apartments to be your Backpacking Buddy on your hiking voyage.

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Train leaving Churchgate

Andheri-Trombay line putting life in virgin lands

It is very interesting to note that long long back, even before the international airport was built in Sahar, there existed a railway line all the way from Trombay to Andheri via Chakala.

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Mahakali caves

Mahakali Caves: Historical site in the heart of Mumbai

One of the many connections points that link today with the historical trail of Buddhism in this city are the Mahakali caves located in the Andheri East.

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Breakfast, Restaurants in andheri, Dragonfly hotel in Andheri

Benefits of Good Breakfast!!

At Dragonfly Hotel we believe a good breakfast kick starts your day. What do we mean by a good breakfast? A good breakfast is a proper balance meal with the right amount of Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Proteins.

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wifi world by ccfreak2k

A Wi-Fi World

At Dragonfly Hotel, we try to create an environment which allows you to access Wi-Fi throughout the property and make the most of it. 

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