how to travel during covid

How to Plan yournext DOMESTIC TRAVEL/ Trip in India in tough times ofCoronavirus (COVID 19)pandemic??

Firstly your personal safety measures are most important. Wear a mask, Keep pocket Sanitizers, Clean your hands as frequently as possible.

Please take some basic steps into consideration before planning a trip.
1) Number of Active COVID (Coronavirus) cases in the City or District
2) Keep soft copies of required Documents and Id Proofs of all the Travelers in Email and WhatsApp
3) Try doing the Payments using QR Code or Online Link or Wallet Based Payment or NEFT/IMPS
4) Select proper Local Mode of Transport TO and FRO from the Hotel / Home/ Workplace
5) In case you are taking a Flight, Kindly download AAROGYA SETU APP, do web check-in for Flights along with Health Declaration form, Go through the Guidelines properly before you reach the Airport
6) In case you are taking a Train, Kindly download AAROGYA SETU APP, Go through the IRCTC Guidelines properly before you travel
7) Avoid Crowding when Entering or Exiting the Means of Transport (Train or Flight)
8) Check if the hotel or your Work Place comes under any Containment Zone or Red Zone
9) Check before you book the hotel whether there are any Quarantine Guests staying in the Hotel, if so avoid the hotel who entertains the Quarantine Guest.

10) Read the reviews, focusing on Cleanliness and Hygiene before Booking a Hotel
11) Read the COVID policy of the Hotels before booking.
12) Check whether Temperature Screening is done on the Guest.
13) Check if the hotel is properly sanitized and Staff is wearing Masks and Gloves
14) Avoid Buffets and try to stick to room service.
15) Avoid Online Food Delivery to Hotel Rooms.
16) When room cleaning is done, try to do it in your absence or try to maintain distance
17) You can Leave the key in the room or Use a Drop Box to put the Key to Avoid Contact.

18) Avoid Touching Surface or coming close to people, you can also Avoid Elevators (If that’s not an issue with you.

Travel Safe, Think before you touch surfaces, these are some of the precautionary measures that can be taken to make you Travel Safe.